Other themes are: 

Fractals (spatial and temporal), power law, nonlinear dynamics, complexity, self-organization, chaos, methodology.

Fractals, fractal structures in biological design, angiogenesis, development, fertilization, morphogenesis, spatial-temporal tree structures, vessel branching
Fractals and chaos of functional complexity, metabolic and signalling pathways, biodegradation and natural environment Fractals in nuclei (DNA/ chromatin organization), gene expression, proteins structures, membranes and cell organelles during growth, cell death (apoptosis, necrosis) and cancerogenesis
Fractal in connective tissue, epithelial-stromal tissue interface, tissue-remodeling, biopolymers
Fractals in brain and nervous tissues, neurosciences, muscle and cardiac tissues
Fractals of immunologic response and in autoimmune, aging and chronic diseases
Fractals in biomedical engineering, pattern recognition, in radiological, sonographic, ultrasonic, morphologic image analysis.
Fractal  models of human gait.
Fractals and/in  Systems Science